Path of Tears

I am perplexed - they asked for help. 
How can I walk this path of tears,
somehow touch the power elites’ mind?

“Follow wisdom’s way of grace,” I said, 
“Justice stumbles without its ways.” 
Now they scheme to pull me down.

Their breath festers, puts pain in my words,
they prowl around like hungry dogs
waiting to pounce, slander my ways.

By the power of love’s firm grip, Christ
quash this hubris, quench bellicose tongues,
bind their feet of clay, their iron fists.

Christ count the tears of my heart,
I seek your voice afresh this hour,
discerning wisdom, rich in grace.

© Craig A Roberts, 2022

A poetic insight from Slow Wisdom - A Forgotten Virtue 

Photo: AdobeStock

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