Antipodean Courtship
A Fable

Unimpeded ocean flows,
tempestuous winds, water, ice,
encircles the realm of southern isles -
volcanoes who defy ocean’s writhe.

Here two albatross wander,
feed, breed, dance together.
Courtship’s unshattered dance binds,
together till death, lovers forever.

Comes a day, a notorious act shatters
a longline maelstrom snares her plumes,
his soul seared, her life broken -
an empty vestment beneath the waves.

The sun’s fingers massage his back,
warms his skull, sinewed flesh and breath.
His soul confined by grief’s spell 
where dark spaces close lights door.

On the edge between external vestment
and internal truth, there is only grief -
a piercing blade, a desolate moment
where dignity of his seared soul dissolves.

Desolation drives his soul to flee 
life’s love stolen by human ways.
On huge broad wings he glides,
wanders wayward over antipodes.

Alone on the wind, undisturbed
above crashing elusive waves
over horizon’s edge the albatross
turns to face what’s in his mortal midst.

Dawn's rays enter, darkness edge flees,
his Creator nudges within.
Gently through desolation’s storm
a courtship dance with Crìost is born.

© Craig A Roberts, 2022
From Waymarks: Pilgrim Journeys.
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Crìost: Scots-Gaelic for Christ

Photo: Adobestock

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