Korimako Isles
A Fable
[Korimako (Bellbird) - a most beautiful songbird]

Last night in my dream
An Gèadh Fiadhaich took me
to Heaven’s birdsong isles.

Finding myself in another living world,
bathed in ancient sounds rich in meaning, 
in this age so beautiful to hear.

Let in by spoken tongue used there. 
My ears and speech questioning, 
answering, understanding - stumbling.

I taste sweet words on my tongue, 
once mere fractured sounds,
that stir my mind and touch my heart.

Now listening to story-worlds 
in treasured Korimako’s tongue
of lives breathing now and in the past.

Korimako’s world welcomes me 
with patient eyes, melodic tongues:
Yet seeing me stumble, they pick me up,

Say to me, “Go further on,
seek the highest kowhai tree”, they say
“The sweetest nectar is not yet won.”

© Craig A Roberts, 2022
From Waymarks: Pilgrim Journeys.
Open Access Online 

An Gèadh Fiadhaich: Scots-Gaelic for The Wild Goose, a Celtic symbol of the Holy Spirit moving untamed.

Photo: Adobestock

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