Mortal Bones

Our flesh and bones arose by birth, 
each mortal breath awaits fulfilment

Being the cusp of each present moment -
is not this the fullness of time!

Yet we can watch sand fall
grain by grain in the hour glass.

But without creation of our minds
times past and future can not exist.

And what threads of memories remain when 
mortal bones fall beneath the weight of sand?

Shall our temporality meet
eternity in the fullness of time:

The uncreated Son of God 
created a child in a virgin womb.

Again let our temporality meet
eternity - the fullness of time:

The Son of God on the Cross
the moment of our transformation;

The eternal power of God moving
in and through us in our daily times.

© Craig A Roberts, 2023

Photo: Adobestock
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