Prayer of Ealasaid

I bend my knees to you my God:
Let not my barrenness shape my soul.
Am I reaching, striving for a dream
to pluck fruit out of reach, in vain?

Birth a seed in my aged womb
that I behold its fruit with joy.
Or am I wrangling a tree of dreams
that will not bend, nor yield to me?

Shame, at its zenith a piercing sun,
desiccates all strength to dream.
Thousands of sunrises of yearning
thousands of sunsets of weeping,

As hope’s subsidence turns to mourning, 
desire’s loss purchased with pain,
let Your presence sustain my flesh -
a bond unseen forever held.

O I tread on exhausted dreams, 
secret dreams that shape my face,
might one ignite swift joy of heart,
kindle rejoicing of womb and breath?

Ealasaid: Scots Gaelic for Elizabeth.

© Craig A Roberts, 2023
Celtic Advent

Photo: Adobestock
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