From Ancient Soil 

 I breathe earth’s winds, wait for the new dawn. 

On ancient Gàidhealtach soil my ancestors waited too.

Unsettled they left, sojourned in fierce seas –

became tangata tiriti  on tectonic isles.

Here I write, beneath Kapakapanui’s peak,

grafted in the Tree of Life.


“Gàidhealtach”: Scots Gaelic meaning ”Scottish Highlands’.

“Tāngata tiriti”: Te Reo Maori meaning ‘people of the Treaty of Waitangi’.

Craig A. Roberts Ph.D

About Craig

Poet Craig A. Roberts lives between the mountains and the sea on Kapiti Coast, Aotearoa New Zealand. Craig writes on the divine presence of God moving in grace amidst our trail of broken signposts:

“Life’s measure is not by time but the fullness of God’s presence in our next breath.”

Conversations with Craig weave in a poetic way to engage people’s inner and outer worlds with the Holy Trinity. “It allows us to hear the call to journey with Christ amid reality, grief and hope”.  

He has published four books on pilgrim journeys and the “otherness” of life.

Craig works alongside leaders in New Zealand & Australia who pioneer alternative possibilities. Helping them stay true to their vocation through turbulent times led him to adopt the bardic way of expression. He holds a PhD in leadership studies. 

Nowadays most of his mornings start the same way:  “I climb down the stairs to my den with my springer spaniel make a fresh hot coffee and open the window to hear the bird song. After time silence, solitude and prayer I make another coffee and write…”.