From Ancient Soil 

 I breathe earth’s winds, wait for the new dawn. 

On ancient Gàidhealtach soil my ancestors waited too.

Unsettled they left, sojourned in fierce seas –

became tangata tiriti  on tectonic isles.

Here I write, beneath Kapakapanui’s peak,

grafted in the Tree of Life.


“Gàidhealtach”: Scots Gaelic meaning ”Scottish Highlands’.

“Tāngata tiriti”: Te Reo Maori meaning ‘people of the Treaty of Waitangi’.

Craig A. Roberts Ph.D

About Craig

Poet Craig A. Roberts, tangata-tiriti, lives between the mountains and the sea on Kapiti Coast, Aotearoa New Zealand. His father’s ancestors come from the Central Highlands of Scotland and his mother’s from Northumbria.

He works alongside leaders on the frontiers of change amid turbulent worlds. Craig, an applied social scientist, holds a PhD in follower-centred leadership. Nowadays to help leaders see alternative possibilities he relies upon poetic sensemaking.

He has published five books for voyagers on the restorative power of the Holy Trinity moving amid the ‘otherness of life’ around us.