Slow wisdom – a forgotten virtue: The everyday relatedness towards others steeped in restorative grace and justice. Craig Roberts applies an ancient lens of “Slow Wisdom” to the institutional landscape that underpins Aotearoa New Zealand. The poet contemplates the engrained hardness of heart by leaders and their followers which pervades against slow wisdom.

…Out of wounded histories,
fractious neighbourhoods, 
trust restored in fiery places…


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Death, how do we avoid your sting?

A Celtic quest of hope against a backdrop of New Zealand rivers and caves. You decide if it ends. MacAulay the old commissions Jamie the youth to go on a quest beyond death – return and tell his tale. A book length poem

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God moving

through, in, before & beyond us

Poetry on “The Celtic challenge of Trasna”.

Uplifting and provocative writings for pioneers and voyagers who live a vocational life in unsettled times. What erupts in-between-the-lines is our own critical relationship with God in vocation. 

When we follow vocation’s call it leads us to face the toughest challenge. It comes unexpectedly in daunting ways. And it keeps on turning up. The choice to follow an untamed God down unexpected paths or turn back to a settled way of life. This vocational struggle is the “Celtic challenge of Trasna.


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Celtic Poetry to bring you closer to God


“This beautiful collection of poems will invoke Celtic rhythms and journeys that will bring your spirit, soul and mind to a place of intimacy with the Holy Trinity, finding replenishment, reinvigoration, revelation and redemption. Quickly you will experience God’s gift in these poems, as if walking on ancient paths, discovering Him as creator, lover, guide, peace and sanctuary.”


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