God Breaking In

Guide me through this misty maze,
that I might guide others around me
according to Your will.
Despite the powers
and dominating ways of this world
break in, show the way.

Despite their deafness to my voice,
show me the poets way to speak.
Let me seek and find you;
walk and dialogue with me,
that I journey in joyful faith, hope and love.
Break in Lord.

Through every storm, your protection.
Amidst every challenge, your reassurance.
In every disruption, your peace.
Facing reproach, your steadfast love,
staying focused on You, 
not on the leaders of this world.

Break in Lord - show me Your way.
I seek Your presence,
Your prophetic imagination, 
to see possibilities through Your eyes. 
By Your presence bless me
to bring Your peace into every storm.

© Craig A. Roberts, 2020

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