Dear Family
[A Contemplative Cue]

The wind is shouting, ‘sound the bells!’
In valley streams trout leap for joy.
The sleep of mortal slumber now restless,
arise dear family the bridegroom comes.

Mist covered mountains veil the bells,
ancient Kākāpō plumed in moss-green
boom deep chants with an owl like face,
‘Arise dear family prepare the bride’.

Dawn’s fingers strike the bells.
From mountain ranges massive peaks
angelic peals chase tumbling streams,
Korimako bells arouse the bride.

Tūī calls, ‘Rejoice with the bells!
He who comes for the bride is the groom,
she in pure white linen is the bride,
and the Spirit and the bride say come.’

© Craig A Roberts, 2024
Maori names of Aotearoa New Zealand Birds:
Kakapo: An endangered large flightless, nocturnal forest-dwelling parrot.
Korimako / Bellbird: A forest bird plumed in olive-green with bluish-black wings with the purest bell like call.
Tui: A nectar loving bird, plumed in blue, green and bronze iridescent sheen, with distinctive white throat tufts. Very vocal with a rich mix of musical notes with offbeat rhythms.

Photo: AdobeStock
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