Hedgehog and the Falcon

Hedgehog scurrying,
sniffing about its business,
preoccupied in its insect hunt.
Threatened by what it sees,
curls up, worried. 
A defensive spiky ball, 
hiding going nowhere,
shutting out the world - prickly.
Afraid of possibilities.

When I am powerless 
to change the circumstances
my God, let me fly like a falcon.
Using my wings, in your strength, 
to glide through the sky.
Using the thermals of praise
and prayer to lift my soul in worship.

May my soul feel Your presence, 
not fear falling.
For when You are with me
I become as the falcon,
rising above the circumstances.
For you are the God who breaks in
creating new possibilities.
© Craig A. Roberts, 2020
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