God’s Angle of Possibility

Shall I walk towards the horizons edge, 
forever chasing sights of setting suns -
enchanted by its dying splendour?
No. I face the creeping darkness, 
to listen for His voice.
And walk towards the new dawn.

Journey down unknown paths.
Let go all things to Christ.
Take the route God opens up,
not the route of my own making,
nor for some other undertaking.
Journey with Christ.

Loose poetic imagination within,
let it flow this gushing spring
from the mountains to the sea.
And in God’s reach of time, I be
alert to wonders that unfold. And yet
be still in Christ.

Loose the Heavenly Host, empower my soul.
Bind the leviathan of vanity deep inside,
that moves my pen to ink foolish words.
Bind the tentacles of distraction, doubt and fear,
that scourge my voice to silence.
Listen to Christ.

Teach me to sense, to feel, what You God see,
and lovingkindness too. That I write words of hope,
beauty and resurrection power.
In darkness guide my pen to comfort struggling souls
with words of wonder, joy, and possibilities -
the light of Christ.

© Craig A Roberts, 2020

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