It comes in unexpected times.
A moment, triggered in an instant,
the unexpected happens
when I drop my guard. 
But when I look back
 it was there waiting,
timing is everything.
And the moment arrives:
I stumble,
in an instant my emotions surge,
my mind says one thing,
God’s Spirit another,
I hear both, listen to both, 
agree with the Lord
and act on my mind,
I lose my poise.
And in my shame, 
I wonder why in that instant
when the Lord spoke saying, “all is fine”
I let go my deep trust.
And still my memory bites
when I recall that I clearly heard
but trusted myself and not my Lord.
And still He picks me up
from where I fell, in grace and love,
saying “Come, journey on with Me.” 
So on we walk and talk,
I lean in, learn and journey on
living in His poise and grace.
© Craig A. Roberts, 2020
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