We meet and chat, ideas form and grow
my friend and I create plans in haste,

excited my interests lead.
Then, abruptly my passion bleeds.

Discordant senses fracture, 
strike down my thoughts, ransacks clarity, 

Emotions plunge - confidence flounders,
Wisdom breached - discernment falters: 

Out of dissonance a voice utters:
“Your angle of vision doesn’t sit right.

Your trust in fractured foresight
bears no fruit, no hope of blessing.”

Shattered, I seek prayerful silence-none here.
Yet my tounge in silence prays for discernment lost.

Dissonance remains till I pray this out,
listen for His teaching, journal my thinking.

Christ’s Spirit speaks into my condition
of what’s going on night and day. 

He shields me with emotions pain
to confront my attention’s breach.

He resurrects a deeper communion,
keeps me alert to when He speaks.
A poem from Vocation as Resistance © Craig A. Roberts 2022. 
 (paperback, ebook, audio book)
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