The Wild Goose
(An Gèadh Fiadhaich)
A wind blows where it wishes,
None know from where it comes.
Ghost so Holy, purity comes, 
Eternal, beautiful, powerful and wise.
All creation bows down, 
Heaven’s breath - on this You ride.
For You, Spirit of Christ, come amidst us:
In Your presence my pulse beats with joy, 
     hope overflows,
Always gracious, yet I cannot say
     where the wind goes.
Do not be far from me
Hidden, yet hear the prayer of my breath:
“All my days I shall welcome you”.
I call you Wild Goose - untamed and free, 
     listen for You upon the wind.
Come, Holy Spirit, come.
He calls my name - I follow. So blows the wind.

A poem from Vocation as Resistance © Craig A. Roberts 2022. 
(paperback, ebook, audio book)

An Gèadh Fiadhaich (Scots-Gaelic):  A Celtic name for the Wild Goose - symbolising the wonder and wildness of the Holy Spirit. 

Photo: Shutterstock

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