Vocation As Resistance

The Way

Seek our Creator 
He redeems broken ways: 
Justice denied;
Freedoms quashed;
Beauty maimed;
Power abused;
Truth corrupted;
Love betrayed;
Spirituality rejected.

Under His Son’s love
Heaven’s presence prevails,
veils of blindness fall away,
Athens yields to Yahweh:
Pillars of positivism crumble,
nihilism surrenders,
Epicureans disrobed,
Platonists humbled.

When old certitudes
become unglued,
protective walls 
come tumbling down,
The Holy Trinity- untamed 
inverts history, 
restores The Way.

Of Justice:

Christ’s  presence seek, dwell in His light,  
 let darkness fret at its demise.

Without love, justice is revenge; 
 deny Christ’s grace - cultivate hate.

Prosper truth, its beauty astounds
 like a kingfisher free on the wing.

Of Freedom:

What abyss in my mind traps me,
subverts my will, shackles my soul?

And as I fight for freedoms loved, 
vanity clashes with freedom’s face:    

Him I seek, Lord of grace and peace, 
whose sovereign love makes freedom live.

Of Beauty:

Is beauty revived fresh each spring,
or upon a moonlit night?

And I stilled by awesome wonders
rejoice; refreshed my sap rises.

Yet let Christ’s light touch my soul’s breath, 
beauty resurrects life inside.

Of Power:

Oblivion swallows blueprints
of unjust generations.

Predatory gain violates love,
Christ’s Kingdom shunned, hierarchies fall. 

Passion for praise, domination, glory
a failed coup to undermine God.

Of Truth:

Truth my witness; vanished is trust,  
falsehood swarms, the wretched weep.

Hidden tongues tweet with twisted hearts,
charades of darkness pose as light.

Spirit of Truth, outpour pure love, 
find the lost words, redeem this blight.  

Of Spirituality:

Stronger than the sun, Christ’s fire shines,
His Spirit calls - His voice I seek.

 Since my first dawn, Christ’s grace invites,
His Spirit moves - my mind embrace.

 Christ’s light comes, quells the darkness,
You rouse me - my eyes rest on His.

Of Love:

Splintered love sings, of promises
betrayed, trust breached, laments what’s lost.

Bitter tears can’t dampen Christ’s love,
nor rivers sweep mercy away.

Torn souls, sing of abundant grace,
beloved lean on Christ, in love. 


Faith I seek 
in reason’s Creator 
not explanations alone.

I think, therefore I know
intellect is a gift from Christ.

Hope I seek 
in mathematics’ Creator 
not calculations alone.

I imagine, therefore I intuit
possibilities with Christ.

Love I seek 
from philosophy’s Creator 
not logic alone.

I am loved by Christ 
therefore I reason in love.

Poem from the collection Vocation as Resistance © Craig A. Roberts 2022. 
(paperback, ebook, audio book)

Photo: Adobestock

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