Adam Sràid

Adam Sràid career bureaucrat:
Everything quickly understood,
a warm smile on his face,
dedication engrained, 
intelligence acclaimed,
speaks with quiet tongue,
wears his heart on his sleeve,
polite, friendly, trusted insider,
walks the floors, knows whose who,
keeps true to what he is about,
does so with authorised clout.

Yet Adam Sràid is disabled.
Can not stand alone,
seeks approval of his peers,
the company of their thoughts,
blinded - can't see conventions' warts.
Deaf to alternate possibilities, 
lets the roulette decide their fate.
Addicted to his passion’s delight -
“creation of systematic order”.

Everything classified, in its place -
justice too must abide,
civil dissonance shan't override.
Adam Sràid’s triage order:
'Restorative grace' classed 'disruptive',
'relatedness' deemed 'too slow'.
Adam Sràid bureaucrat 
wounds generations,
breeds disorder across the land.

© Craig A Roberts, 2022
A poetic insight from Slow Wisdom - A Forgotten Virtue 

Photo: Shutterstock

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