Fallen Bough

Rooted in Eden’s garden
two hearts bound as one
flourishing till the brutal rupture, 
his beautiful bough felled. 

Heartwood has fallen, 
her sapwood torn but still alive,
drooping panicles sprout from her bark
their fragance bathes Eden in bereaved love.

Pain that love birthed does not depart,
she stands, suspends time’s flight,
forages amdist their woven roots 
for moments past, and the last:

His head on her breast 
their last shared breath,
“It's okay dearest for you to go”. 
And his chest fell to its rest.

Yet shall pain’s desire receive God's embrace:
her bough's resurrection embosomed, 
and sorrow cherished like a winter flower
love vivified by the fruit of heartbreak?

© Craig A Roberts, 2023

Photo: Author. Kohekohe Tree, Winter panicles
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