Peace in the Storm

Treacherous seas,
violent parting of the waves.
Odyssean like storm,
the wind does not blow.
The sea shakes,
undersea earthquakes swarm.

Where ever I go 
turbulent seas and whirl pools,
foam and sea spray thick as fog,
waves pounding, wrenching 
my sloop every way.
I can not see ahead.

Christ, awake.  Save me,
deliver me to safe waters, 
intercede for my safe passage 
away from tormenting seas.
Free me from fear and doubt,
renew my breath.

My horizon, the sloop’s bower,
whatever way I turn - violent waves.
Holy Spirit be my compass, 
my chronometer, my helmsman. 
Spirit be my courage, 
my wisdom, my strength.

Christ, my trust is in you alone, 
not in elite powers of this world.
Lead me through perilous seas,
Your peace upon me.
Keep my eyes on You
not the bower of this sloop.

© Craig A Roberts, 2020
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