Lost and Found

Feeling lost on my life journey,
what I expected to see was not there,
what I hoped would come, did not.
I am numb with unsettling doubt.
Is this truly the pathway?
Did I miss a turnoff in my path this day or yesterday?
Has my inner compass lost true north?
Did I misread the signposts?

Be still. 
Christ has not forgotten me,
He relentlessly pursues me.
Christ desires intimacy with me,
He is seeking me.
I repent of lost hope.
From ashes my inner fire
burns once more.

The Holy Spirit is not lost, 
I am not abandoned.
The Spirit knows where I am, 
rejoice and welcome Him.
Be still. Sense His presence.
He sees the broken signposts,
now He leads the way.
© Craig A Roberts, 2020
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