Wild Storm

Wild storm,
roaring winds
creating havoc.
Trees over roads,
power lines down,
whistling winds
invade homes under doors.
Kohekohe bending,
kohekohe shaking, 
a carpet of fallen flowers.
Tuis balancing on branches
calling out to the wind:
"I am sheltered here,
 wind blow what you may".

In wild wind seagulls soar,
excited with adventure,
thrilled by the storm
flying high, riding, 
darting through the storm,
full of assurance.
Confident in where they are 
and where they are going.
Father, let me too soar 
through the ever present storms of life.
Empowered in the Holy Trinity's 
loving security, provision, and guidance.
Soaring with poise, peace and dexterity,
assured in faith, hope and love.

© Craig A. Roberts, 2020 
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