Next Steps

In summer heat
this stone I chose
weathered, opaque 
smooth and strong
I hold it gently warm in my palm.

In God’s sight, I reflect on my steps this day.
Which rock this day
will I walk my journey on,
Christ my rock, 
steadfast and strong?

Or seductive stones, 
on which walking feet stumble?
On pathways that entrap;
deluded by my deafness  
to Your soft gentle call?

Swamped in doubt?
Confused by a sense
of futility, jeopardy and perversity?
Lost in troubles?
Consumed by fears?

Entrapped by passions?
Distracted by clutter?
Tunnelled attention?
Striving in my own strength, 
not trusting in Your timing.

Father of my journey,
true north you are to me.
Christ forgive my trespass
into tangled dark paths,
redeem my fallen steps.

Holy Spirit guide each step,
immerse me this day in your peace,
Bless to me this step, 
to stand secure 
on Christ's Holy ground.

© Craig A. Roberts, 2020 
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