Two Terns

On sand
gentle rippling waves, 
rhythmic motion.
Breeze blowing sand,
dried seaweed silently buried.
A hot day,
marram grass scent,
ocean sounds,
radiant blue sea.

In this quiet place
a young tern squawks - 
“more, more fish”.
Pestering his father 
till off the father flew.
Under watchful eyes
the squawker chased.
Now his father knew 
his young could journey.

So be still, 
stop my squawking,
sit at the feet of Christ.
Listen to the voice of God.
His gracious redeeming work 
maturing me each day.
Christ is beside me,
the Holy Spirit within me,
the Father is for me.
Walk on through this day
with grateful heart and joy,
all in faith, hope and love.

© Craig A. Roberts, 2020

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