I pray constantly, with urgency,
my loved one’s breath almost gone.
My words inadequate - 
still my tongue travails.

Holy Spirit comes: 
His peace falls upon me;
this  ‘Searcher of Hearts’
prays beside me
with sounds too deep for words -
groans deep on our behalf.

Christ Jesus feels the Spirit’s pain
as my loved one wheezes for life's breath; 
He, Lord of Breath, comes; greets me.

Our temples and noses touch: 
I give thanks to Him 
whose breath births life. 

Again our temples gently touch:
He whose breath restores life,
weeps with me for a loved one’s breath.

Once more our temples touch, our noses breathe:
Lord of Breath exhales His Father’s promise,
my beloved's breath restored. 

© 2021 Craig A Roberts
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