The falcon still
rode the stallion black
patrolling borders seeking
transgressors of ideology.

And it heard my murmurings,
turned its head my way,
two raptor eyes
pierced my mind, 

searching ways to tear apart
my freedoms, protections.
It saw my transgression,
being free of their domination.

Raptor sought to bring me back -
to remain adept: 
Accept their social norms and rules;
uphold the elite’s ideological line.

With unfurled wings, 
in elegant beauty, falcon flew
into the sky. With menace
she spiralled, soared, circled

calling me, I her prey.
She hunted my murmurings,
beak sharp to mangle my trust, 
talons poised to wrench freedoms back;

Great wings, shadows of despair
closed in. So I averted my eyes,
till they fell upon Christ,
and Christ hid me.

The falcon flew by, 
and I unseen, 
in His presence
do trust and journey on.
A poem from Vocation as Resistance © Craig A. Roberts 2022. 
(paperback, ebook, audio book)
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