Listen, reflect and pray…

The Call...
Go deeper in with Jesus Christ.
In solitude, silence, prayer—
hear the call to journey.
In solitude
sense the Father’s kairos arrive.
Be still, wait, hear a seed fall:
From little things
new journeys begin.
In silence
Christ’s call turns 
our way on its head, 
and now upside down,
perturbed, see afresh.
Pray unceasingly:
Descend with our minds
into our fallow hearts, 
there in steadfast love 
be in sympathy for God.
 Follow Him,
 down unexpected paths, 
 at unanticipated moments
 into unsettling situations. 
 Enter into the heart of God.
A poem from Vocation as Resistance © Craig A. Roberts 2022. 
(paperback, ebook, audio book)

Photo: Adobe Stock

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