Fallen Numbers

An algorithm gestates: 
Three alchemists of numeric vision
sub-create abstract thresholds
of inclusion and exclusion.
Numbers shine from their white screen,
skilled eyes scan and ponder,
watch numeric trends unfold. 

These alchemists turn people,
unknown others, into grains of sand.
Reconfigure what is human -
each grain becomes the count of one.
Lost their true count - their essence;
their being loved by kith and kin;
in life how they fare forgotten.

Algorithms, masters of fate,
judge who to accept and reject.
Equations exclude mercy and grace,
devoid of love's wisdom for another,
political math twists the payload.
Numbers fall about threshold’s wall - 
the rejected “other” cast out. 

It’s twilight, the workday’s end. 
The three alchemists stop, look outside,
gaze at the stars. Unbeknownst to them
‘Lightener of the Stars’, Creator's Son
sees these stars whose count He knows.
Amid heaven’s immensities each star,
a shining fiery light, beloved. 

© Craig A Roberts, 2022
A poetic insight from Slow Wisdom - A Forgotten Virtue 

Photo: AdobeStock

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