Beloved Woman

Have you seen her, Immanuel
who is called the Coming One?
Have you seen her barrenness 
her beloved man now passed on.

Still he breathes at her side,
she bears the weight of his winter years.
Furrowed brow, back bent, bruised legs.
she grieves, ‘Where has my beloved gone?’

Have you seen her, Son of Man
who is called the Crucified Christ?
Every fifty Summers from their beginning
their eyes danced till all recall was lost.

Each day, each night she toils, 
her beauty to love without love’s return, 
whispers Psalms into the grave of his mind,
she who prepares her beloved’s tomb. 

Have you seen her, the Risen Christ
who is called the Glory of God?
Her martyr’s head bent, prays
‘Let our eyes meet - dance once more’.

Let it be, upon this advent feast,
these saints bound as one yet torn apart
be nourished by the Spirit’s breath,
dance in joy with the Coming One.

© Craig A Roberts, 2023
Celtic Advent

Photo: Adobestock
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