Wind Tales

I love listening to westerly winds:
Rustling leaves dancing on swaying trees,
waves of sound roll like surf.

My mind dozes,
follows sounds from tree to tree.
And as I drift, Christ’s Spirit
flies on the wind over land and sea…

The one who is from the beginning
spoke, ‘Let there be light’.
Then in heat and cool, oceans moved,
wild winds blew, humus breathed; 
everything with breath praised the Lord.

Now, in resurrection power,
Christ summons the wind: 
“Wind, from where do you roam,
tell me your tales:
what have you heard?”

The wind whispers: 
“Creation’s breath praises You Lord.
Yet I come from wild places
where creation groans,
suffers Anthropocene  blisters.

My Lord, I have more to tell:
the wilderness laments, awaits salvation,
the theft of breath is unrelenting.
Human hubris fears nothing,
turns earth to welter and to waste.”

Christ utters: “Who can imprison planetary winds?
Who can deny their numinous power.
Human hubris can’t tame the wind.
Go tell urban elites, 
'Fear Ancient Earth’s Fury'.”

On roams the wind; it swirls, twirls, whirls.
It shrouds the earth, has no rivals.
It roars and rages; heats, cools; shapes n breaks;
howls warnings of disruptive graces.

… A breath of wind, a leaf falls,
drifts onto my face, eyelids open,
my dream lingers - unsettles my breath - I pray:
“Resurrect wilderness lost, restore its breath.
Let all that has breath praise the Lord”.

A poem from Vocation as Resistance © Craig A. Roberts 2022. 
(paperback, ebook, audio book)

Note: Anthropocene: The current geological age where human activities impact the earth’s environment and its climate on a global scale.

Photo: Shutterstock

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