To journey
is first to meet with Christ
who at the strangest moment
unlocks a padlocked door,
one I had foreclosed to a wayless place.
There He and I stand upon a threshold,
I wait till He calls me to cross.
As my bare foot touches
unknown ground
the Holy Spirit guides my step,
doesn't tell me our destination.

In these borderlands
monsters wait  to wound my heart,
I wrestle against wayward tensions
mind against soul,
my mouth utters distress.
Yet Christ removes all fear, 
unites heart, mind, and soul.
I saved from affliction,
brought into Christ’s light,
breathe the Paraclete’s air,
pass over another threshold
journey on from there.

© Craig A Roberts, 2023

From Waymarks: Pilgrim Journeys.
Upcoming release.
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Photo: Adobestock

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