Where Deep Rivers Are Hard to Cross 
A Reflection on Voice

In the glens of a poet’s wilderness
where deep rivers are hard to cross
there is one broken bridge 
between wisdom’s mind and soul’s pulse,
guarded by hegemonic beings 
who rein in what may be said,
on watch to decry communion 
of the deepest movements
between heaven and earth.
They beguile the poet’s tongue,
to be a mouth of a trout instead.
Yet Christ binds the evil one:
I shall cross that bridge
follow where the Spirit leads.
And I appeal to Christ’s reign
over every breath,
to touch mind and soul
with words I am to speak -
let no words be lost.
Christ give heart to my tongue 
with pathos and grace -
anoint it with overflowing oil 
of heaven on earth.

© Craig A Roberts, 2022
From Waymarks: Pilgrim Journeys.
Open Access Online 

Photo: Adobestock

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