A Reflection on Reach

Poetic words bear witness to life:
Ecstatic joy or abyss of despair,
of wonder or wreckage of creation,
or something in between.

An experience lived, revealed, imagined 
or some blend of these;
Human sensations of relations, thought
with divine revelation interweaved.

Poetic witness of life,
words of power in exile 
subtly waiting to be
situated, valued and heard.

The afterwords, 
what follows on, 
await to be written 
by An Gèadh Fiadhaich.

© Craig A Roberts, 2023
An Gèadh Fiadhaich: “The Wild Goose”, the poetic name for the Holy Spirit - untamed by humanity.

From Waymarks: Pilgrim Journeys.
Open Access Online 

Photo: Adobestock

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